Video Course S7-TECHN

  • Programmable controllers SIMATIC S7 - 300/400.

  • Formal program design methods.

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What You Will Learn in Video Course S7-TECHN

  • create control programs based on an algorithm

  • reduce program design and debugging costs

  • implement integrated equipment control

The following topics are studied in Video Course S7-TECHN

(The list of tutorial videos):

1.Introduction to automatic programming
2. Description of the step mark method
3. Sample conveyor program 

4. Accounting for step time 

5. Setup mode 

6. Description of the Step Blocks method 
7. Example FC-based program

8. Example FB-based program 

9. Accounting for step time 

10. Sample SCL program 

11. Synchronization of automata. Option 1 

12. Automation synchronization. Option 2 
13. "Traffic light" for LOGO!
14. "Traffic light" in CFC language
15. Automata synchronization in CFC
16. Introducing S7-GRAPH
17. S7-GRAPH - examples

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